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Today I am celebrating a major victory.

Today I am celebrating a major victory. Neurotypicals might not get it, might think No Big Deal. (Except my Master Loop Breaker Mom who will no doubt appreciate the enormity of it.) Those of you shackled by the chains of ritual, routine, loops, repetitiveness will definitely relate.

I have been consistently withstanding multiple variations in my safe routines and patterns without my body melting down into a dysregulated mess!

It’s not like I’ve never had successes in this pursuit. What’s exceptional and unprecedented is the continual accumulation of successes amidst emotional stresses currently occurring. Usually when things around me are out of whack emotionally I can’t flex or deviate because the sameness is safe. It is so freeing to move fluidly through life. For those of you who take this ability for granted: DON’T. It is a beautiful state of flowing allowed only by letting go and trusting.

The nuts and bolts of how I got to this place I’ll discuss later. Not that there’s a formula, but there’s been lots of trial and even more error over the years. I’ve learned a thing or two. One thing is that I won’t always remain in the success column. But that’s ok. Just hoping and working for more ups than downs.

But today, I’m celebrating this moment in time.

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