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Home Sweet Home (Finally!)

My heart is home now

in this place

of green

of trees

of peace

It wanders no longer

instead rooting itself


in the glowing atmosphere

that shimmers

with hope and promise

of purpose

of future

of fulfillment

It can be crushed

no longer

by those that

would seek

such an end

The world will feel

it’s embrace

no question

no delays

no doubts

It beats

It beats


My heart is home now

I’ve just moved with my family into our new home. It’s the culmination of many machinations on many fronts. If you don’t know, my move from my childhood home at age 13 (before I spelled to communicate) was beyond devastating and set off a chain of events of epic horrible proportions.

It has taken me years since then to come to the end of myself and finally to terms with the parameters of my existence. It has been a long dark road that I’ve traveled never turning back, but facing head on what was required for me to become who I now am. I was never alone on the journey with the unfailing love and support of my parents and my God.

It is fitting to have a new home for my fresh start. We have moved multiple times in trying to land here, but this time all with my input and agreement. The difference of being consulted and respected regarding my needs and preferences is HUGE. People, even well meaning ones like my Mom and Dad who have my best interests at heart, can’t know my opinions unless I’m able to express them. (This by the way is such a microcosm of the bigger picture of those who advocate for us, without us…)

So here we are, Home Sweet Home. Still unsettled? Yes. Still chaotic? Yes. Still lots of boxes and minus a bathroom sink? Yes. But still Home Sweet Home nonetheless. Note to self: avoid renovating and moving during a world wide pandemic. It is the definition of ‘non essential’.

Anyway, I look forward to the future and where God might take us, all the while anchored on my front porch amidst the green trees, chirping birds, and PEACE.

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