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My Return

Hello all.

I have been missing in action for many moons now working on some intense issues privately. It’s quite a shift to be stuck in your head for years and then have the opportunity to express yourself to many. Quite a great opportunity, but yet I’m not a reality show.

I’m just a guy, a non speaker trying to navigate a world that denied me and continues to deny me. I have a message of hope and healing to share after taking an even deeper dive into the trauma not being presumed competent and not having a voice has caused. I’ve had to process in private before showing up for all the world to see my wounds and scars-some of which were buried so deep that a peeling away of layers had to occur.

I’m sure this is the same for neurotypicals but a big but is: I COULDN’T call foul on any wrongdoing. I COULDN’T ask for help. I was thought to be impervious to all the things that hurt humans. I COULDN’T deal with anything or anyone outside of my own head. And there were many anythings and anyones: lost opportunities, discrimination, injustice, bullying, shame, ugly words, no hope for a future. I could go on and on. Again the takeaway here is although many people have experienced these things, non speakers without communication can alert no one.

So what do we do? We might fight as our bodies whack out at the constant assault on our humanness We are then treated even worse and the cycle spins. The cycle need to stop and I am one voice who seeks to stop it.

This is me Noah and I’ll be around.

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