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Thankfulness NOW

Being thankful. It’s the season for it. And here I am joining the long list of people opining about thankfulness. There is always a reason to be thankful. Always.

As trite as it sounds, this is more of a reminder, not a lecture.

We always seem to be seeking, to be searching for the NEXT thing. Chasing something bigger, something better. We’ve barely enjoyed the end of our last search that we’re currently experiencing. After all, it’s just a stepping stone on the way to what comes NEXT. And then that becomes a stepping stone to the NEXT, NEXT. A dog chasing his tale comes to mind.

What about NOW? It was once, NEXT. It was once our nirvana, the ultimate prize. And here we are living it, having it. NOW. It is fleeting and precious. Savor it. How we once dreamed of what it would be like! Breathe it in. Embrace it. Be thankful. There it is. Thankfulness. Also fleeting and precious. Lost to, if not NEXT, then to MORE.

Might I suggest to wallow in the thankfulness of NOW? NOW is the only guarantee we have. The NEXT might not arrive. The MORE might not materialize. Even if your NOW is not to your liking, you can choose to be thankful. Again trite. Still true. Don’t let circumstances decide for you how you feel. You choose. Choose joy. Choose gratitude. Choose life. NOW. The present is a gift.

Tritely, but truly yours


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