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Today is Election Day here in the US. I’m privileged to live in a nation that gives me a right to vote, a right to have a say. This is a precious right not to be taken for granted. Many have died for us to have this right and many more around the world would probably kill for this right. So I am thankful for it. I treat it as a sacred responsibility.

Also a sacred responsibility is to treat our fellow citizens with kindness, courtesy, and respect regardless of political philosophy or persuasion. We can accept and enjoy others even if they think differently than us about local, national, and world policy.

I ask the world to accept my neurodiversity. It’s part of who I am, but not all of who I am.

It’s the same for a person’s political ideology; it’s but a bit of who they are.

We can find common ground rather than battleground. We can. It’s possible.


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