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Written by Monica van Schaik with wisdom from Noah Seback and Giorgena Sarantopoulos (originally posted at I-ASC on March 9, 2022)

Neurodiversity is the recognition that neurological differences are natural and normal just like biodiversity. Neurodiversity is a fact. Differences in how we think, learn, feel, sense, and regulate occur amongst all humans. The term, neurodiversity, was coined by Judy Singer, a speaking autistic woman who understood neurological difference as another identity that faces marginalization and stigma in our society today, much like people who are marginalized or stigmatized because of their race, class, gender, or sexual orientation.

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by Noah Seback & Keri Delport

(originally posted at I-ASC September 1, 2021)

So what is the elephant in the nonspeaking room? It looms so large and obvious, yet we pretend it’s not there….but there it sits, crushing the life out of nonspeakers. Let us spell it out for you (did you get what we did there?):

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Written by Deborah Spengler

(originally posted at I-ASC on August 18, 2021)

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(originally posted at I-ASC on March 21, 2021)

So let’s talk.

As a neurotypical: What if your actions were so misconstrued that you were physically subdued against your will, forcefully, even brutally? What if this happened not once, not twice, but again and again? What if this happened in front of your friends? What if this happened minus any witnesses because you were isolated in a solitary confinement of sorts? What if no one even bothered to ask you what was up, why you were acting in such a way? What if no one asked you your opinion about helping to prevent it? What if they didn’t seem to have any reservations about manhandling you, restraining you? What if this was business as usual for them, no apologies or remorse? What if they maybe even thought you deserved it?

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